Los Angeles, California -📍

  • FEGS

    Meet FEGS, left behind by his kind in a mission-visit to Earth, FEGS fell in love with the walls blasted with colors and letters and different styles. Not only did he grow the need to learn this habit, he mastered it. Mutating his own human like cells to form his body into a Cap. He there and then decided to take over the world and leave his mark behind in each and every continent around Earth.

  • Four Eight Graffiti Supply

    Four Eight Graffiti Supply was born on December 05, 2019. We launched our website from our small warehouse based out of Los Angeles, California. With plans to expand another small warehouse in the East Coast, we have decided we will move forward with Memphis, Tennessee. We are making moves to open a store front around this area.

  • - To Be Announced -

    This section is reserved for upcoming merch designs. It will be updated with the new design on our newest merchandise. The date listed is the date for the reveal of the Merchandise associated with the design revealed above. Thanks for all and any support, from Fegs and the familia!

    Date Release: N/A